Metric Poster Sizes

Below are references of all Metric Poster Sizes. Please note that all sizes are in Millimeters

4A01682 x 2378mm----
2A01189 x 1682mm----
A0841 x 1189mmB01000 x 1414mmC0917 x 1297mm
A1594 x 841mmB1707 x 1000mmC1648 x 917mm
A2420 x 594mmB2500 x 707mmC2458 x 648mm
A3297 x 420mmB3353 x 500mmC3324 x 458mm
A4210 x 297mmB4250 x 353mmC4229 x 324mm
A5148 x 210mmB5176 x 250mmC5162 x 229mm
A6105 x 148mmB6125 x 176mmC6114 x 162mm
A774 x 105mmB788 x 125mmC781 x 114mm
A852 x 74mmB862 x 88mmC857 x 81mm
A937 x 52mmB944 x 62mmC940 x 57mm
A1026 x 37mmB1031 x 44mmC1028 x 40mm

Imperial Poster Sizes

Below are references of all Imperial Poster Sizes. Please note that all sizes are in Inches

NameSize NameSize NameSize
Double Quad Crown60 x 40" Quad Demy45 x 35" Quad Crown40 x 35"
Double Demy35 x 22½" Quad Foolscap34 x 27" Double Large Post33 x 21"
Double Post31½ x 19½" Imperial30 x 22" Double Crown30 x 20"
Elephant28 x 23" Super Royal27½ x 20½" Double Foolscap27 x 17"
Royal25 x 20" Medium23 x 18" Demy22½ x 17½"
Music Demy20 x 15½" Crown20 x 15½" Post19¼ x 15½"
Foolscap17 x 13½'' -- --

Billboard Poster Sizes

Below are references of all Imperial Billboard Poster Sizes.

Click on a sheet size below to see measurements.
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